Frequently Asked Questions

Obtain an application from Planning & Environmental Review for a tentative parcel or subdivision map.
  • Public Information Counter - Planning Information
    827 7th Street, Room 101
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: (916) 874-6141

Obtain estimates from several surveyors or qualified engineers for the cost of doing the survey and map. 

If your property has been surveyed and a map filed, obtain a copy of the map from the Surveys section, the Recorders' office or your title company, and see if any corners were monumented. 

If your property has not been mapped, then you must have it surveyed.

For public easements, contact the SIPS section to see if any easements are shown on the Assessor's parcel pages or if any easements show up on recorded maps. 

For private easements, check your Title Report or contact a title company to obtain one.

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